Swim Team

Livorna Swim Team is treasured institution for members of the community. Swim team is the rare sport where children from ages 5-18 participate together. The older team members have always been role models and the cycle continually repeats itself with young children developing into the role models that they once looked up to.

Why join?

  • Fun, Fun, Fun
  • Meet other families in the neighborhood
  • Improved swim skills
  • Camaraderie and competition
  • Striving for personal best times
  • Green hair
  • Social activities
  • Get those darn kids out of the house and exercising
  • Did we mention “Fun”? Yeah, I think you get the idea.

Pool members are guaranteed a spot on the swim team as long as they register prior to the deadline.  For more information please visit the swim team website at Livorna Dolphins and/or contact the swim team registrar at membership@livornadolphins.com.